Hi, I’m Richard Nuttall, a freelance photographer, retoucher, and digital artist with over fifteen years’ experience in digital imaging.

Richard NuttallStarting out with a film camera and scanning my negatives, then making the jump to full digital capture in 2003, I have taking and editing images since before my Digital Arts degree and Master’s in Photography.


If you’re looking for someone friendly and easy to work with, I’m your guy. I have a decade’s experience in covering corporate events and weddings and am able to provide a wide range of photographic services including:

  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Weddings
  • Portraiture

If you have images that require a bit of cleaning up or post-production, I offer a range of photo manipulation, retouching and image enhancement services. Including:

  • Removing unwanted items from photos (litter, reflections, etc.)
  • Adjusting colour balance and neutralising colour casts (especially whitening yellow indoor lighting)
  • Removing imperfections in portraiture (for example under-eye wrinkles and blemishes on skin)
  • Enhancing figures (improving hourglass shape)
  • Removing the background to exhibition stand shots.
Technical Skills
  • Correcting lens distortion as well as straightening vertical and horizontal lines
  • Reducing image noise and grain from low light photos
  • Removing dust in extreme close-up photography (for example jewellery)
  • Adjusting portions of an image (for example altering the colour and tone of the sky)
  • Adding shadows to enhance realism
  • Creating seamless composite images using multiple exposures with different light sources
  • Recovering lost highlight and shadow detail using multiple images (HDR imaging)
  • Adjustment of RAW files
  • Removal of chromatic aberration
  • Expanding images to fit a particular aspect ratio (not just cropping, also extending backgrounds and adding image detail)
  • Cutting masks to isolate parts of an image (both vector and layer masks)
  • Re-creating semi-transparent image elements after altering the background
  • Restoring scans of old ripped and creased photos
  • False colouring black and white images