The most important pictures of someone’s life

This month’s post is a more personal one than usual, and is about why I enjoy wedding photography – I’ll be back to writing about the latest tech next month. Until then, I hope you enjoy the change of pace.

I have the privilege of being an occasional wedding photographer. I often feel honoured that I get to witness someone have never met before having possibly the most emotional moment of their life.

It is my job to capture it in a way that they can look back on for many years to come. My pictures will (hopefully) make them smile for the rest of their days. I realise that it’s more the event itself than my pictures, but my pictures still become the lens through which the event is remembered. The sands of time will eventually bury any memory not preserved through media, so the couple’s memory of the event eventually becomes my experience of it. Which is why it’s so important for me to document as much of their big day as possible. read more